Fehlercodes DesingJet 4000 4020

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01.0:03Error Impact 12C Channel.
01.0:10Problem With The Gamut PCI PCA.
01.1:10Problem With The PrintMech PCA.
01.2:10ISS PCA Faulty - Humidity Sensor Out Of Scale Or NVM Backup Failure.
02:10Encoder Seems To Be Wrong.
02.1:10Problem With The Carriage PCA.
03:10Problem With The Power Supply Unit.
05.1:10CPU Fan Is Stopped Or Burnt.
05.3:10Main Memory Size Failure.
06:03NVM File Has Bad CRC.
06:10Main NVM Failure - Not Detected, Read/Write Failed Or Readback Error.
07:10Aerosol Fan Drive Burnt.
08:10Problem With Front Panel.
11:10Trailing Cable Does Not Seem To Be Detected.
13.n:10Problem Starting Acumen Supplies.
21:03Service Station Servo Shutdown.
21:12Fail Moving Service Station.
21:13Problem With The Service Station.
23:10Problem With The APS.
24:03Ink Setup failure (Ink Supply Tubes Purge Failed).
24:10Broken Bag Detected in Ink Cartridge.
26.0:01Bad Contact Detected In ISS Slot 0 Floater.
26.1:01Bad Contact Detected In ISS Slot 1 Floater.
26.2:01Bad Contact Detected In ISS Slot 2 Floater.
26.3:01Bad Contact Detected In ISS Slot 3 Floater.
26.n:10Order Of Ink Supplies Incorrect.
26:14A Wrong Ink Cartridge Has Been Detected.
27:03An Error Has Occurred In Printhead Detection.
27:14A Wrong Printhead Has Been Detected.
29.0:01Printhead Cleaner Not Inserted Correctly In Slot 1.
29.1:01Printhead Cleaner Not Inserted Correctly In Slot 2.
29.2:01Printhead Cleaner Not Inserted Correctly In Slot 3.
29.3:01Printhead Cleaner Not Inserted Correctly In Slot 4.
29.4:01Printhead Cleaner Not Inserted Correctly In Slot 5.
29.5:01Printhead Cleaner Not Inserted Correctly In Slot 6.
29.6:01Printhead Cleaner Not Inserted Correctly In Slot 7.
29.7:01Printhead Cleaner Not Inserted Correctly In Slot 8.
41:03Electrical Current Limit In Media-Axis Motor.
41:10Electrical Fault In Media-Axis Motor.
42:03Elecrtical Current Limit In Scan-Axis Motor.
42:10Electrical Fault In Scan-Axis Motor.
43:10Vacuum Fan Has Stopped Functioning.
44:10Problem With The Aerosol Fan.
44:11Aerosol Fan Not Connected.
51:10Window Sensor Failure.
51.1:10PHC Access Door Sensor Failure.
52:10Drop Detector Switch On/Off Failure.
53:10Media Sensor Failure.
54:10Media Lever Sensor failure.
55:10Problem With The Line Sensor.
56:03Analog Encoder Calibration Failed.
56:10Analog Encoder Calibration Failed.
61:01The File Format Is Incorrect And The Printer Cannot Process The Job.
61:04.1The Postscript Fonts Are Missing. Upgrade The Firmware.
61:08.1The File Cannot Be Printed Because It Is Password Protected.
63:04Input/Output Problem Through The Network Card.
64:04Input/Output Problem Through The USB Port.
65:04Input/Output Problem Through An Unknown Port.
66:08Cannot Print File On Current Paper Type. The Paper Type Has Changed Since The File Was Sent.
67:04Input/Output Problem Through a Fireware Port.
68:03Non-critical permanent data was lost. This does not prevent the printer working, only that internal life counters will not be recorded untill the printer is restarted.
71:03Out of memory failure.
71:04Out of memory failure.
71:19Defult serial Number found in the main and back up NVM. It seems that both the Ink Supply and Hard Disk Drive have been replaced together.
72:04Generic Firmware error.
73:03Servo error.
74:00Failed getting part number/serial number.
74:01Error uploading firmware.
74:04Old vacuum fan detected - upgrade the firmware.
76:03Out of disk space - data was lost.
77:04Embedded web server internal software error.
79:03Generic firmware error.
79:04Generic firmware error.
79.1:04CDS server lost connection with client.
81:01Paper servo shutdown.
81:03It was impossible to correctly stop the servo before setting the encoder position.
81:10Fail starting paper motor.
85:03Problem finding the drive roller zero.
86:01Carriage servo shutdown.
86:03Scan-axis lenght test failure.
86:10Initialising scan-axis motor failure.
86:11Scan-axis length too short.
91:10Repeated printhead issue.
93:11Unable to pressurise the IDS.
98:02Switching to lower performance due to printhead quality.