Fehlercodes Designjet T770, T790, T795, T1200, T1300, T2300, T7100

 — Description / Recommendation
01.0:YZHCI queue does not end after 2 seconds - problem with formatter and/or main board.
01.1:YZNVM backup: not found, read, write or read back error.
01.2:YZPrint mech PCA fault or NVM backup failure.
02.1:YZEncoder seems to be wrong.
02.2:YZProblem with the Carriage PCA.
03:YZProblem with Power Supply Unit.
05.1:YZCPU Fan is stopped or burnt.
06:YZMain NVM failure - not detected, read/write failed or readback error.
08:YZProblem with the Front Panel.
11:YZTrailing cable does not seem to be detected.
12.n:YZCarriage & PCA Main doesn't detect pens.
21:YZFail moving Service Station.
21.1:YZService Station servo shutdown.
22.0:YZISS left BPSO error. (Supplies 0, 1, 2).
22.1:YZISS left BPS1 error. (Supplies 3, 4, 5).
24:YZInk Setup failure (Ink Delivery System (IDS) Tubes purge failed).
26.n:YZOrder of Ink Supplies incorrect.
27:YZAn error has occurred in Printhead detection.
29.n:YZAn error has occurred in Printhead detection.
31:YZAn error has been detected with the cutter.
38:YZAn error has been detected with the Media Output Tray.
41:YZElectrical fault or current limit in Media-Axis Motor.
41.1:YZElectrical fault or current limit in Media-Axis Motor.
42:YZElectrical fault or current limit in Scan-Axis Motor.
44:YZFan electrical fault, or not connected.
45:YZAn error with the Rewinder System has been detected.
47:YZStar wheels motor error.
48:YZPPS system failure.
51:YZWindow Sensor failure.
52:YZThe printer has detected a problem with the Drop Detector.
55:YZProblem with the Line Sensor. The printer has detected a failure to access Line Sensor EEPROM.
56:YZDrive roller analog encoder sensor fail or calibration failed.
58:YZThe Line Sensor of the printer is not functioning correctly. Either the line sensor shutter has failed to open, there is a failure to communicate with the Line Sensor, the Line Sensor is not calibrated correctly, or the firmware is not compatible with the Line Sensor.
61:YZThe file format is incorrect and the Printer cannot process the job.
62:YZPC Interface.
63:YZInput/Output problem through the Network Card.
64:YZInput/Output problem through the USB port.
65:YZMemory Driver Internal I/O error, I/O Socket Manager Internal I/O error.
66:YZCannot print file on current paper type. The paper type has changed since the file was sent, so the file cannot be printed on the paper type currently loaded.
67:YZInput/Output problem through a Firewire Port.
68:YZLoss of engine counters tracking.
71:YZOut of memory failure.
71:19Default Serial Number found in the main and backup NVM. It seems that both the Print Mech PCA and Hard Disk Drive have been replaced together.
72:YZGeneric Firmware error.
73:YZServo Error.
74:YZError uploading firmware update file.
74.1:YZError uploading media profile update file.
75.1:YZPreventative maintenance Kit #1 counter active (Scan Axis Components, Ink Supply Tubes, Trailing Cable, Carriage).
75.2:YZPreventative maintenance Kit #2 counter active.
75.3:YZPreventative maintenance Kit #3 counter active (Cutter Assembly).
75.4:YZPreventative maintenance Kit #4 counter active.
76:YZHard disk drive is full.
77:YZWeb access application. the web server is not functioning correctly.
78:YZBorderless printing not possible. Setting ignore.
78:1:YZMedia settings area missing in media settings file.
79:YZGeneric Firmware error.
79.1:YZRecoverable firmware error that does not stop the printing process.
81:YZProblem with paper advance.
81.1:YZProblem finding the Drive Roller zero.
84:YZBack tension servo shutdown (roll feeding).
85:YZProblem finding the Drive Roller zero.
86:YZPossible paper jam.
87:YZProblem finding the Scan-axi encoder reading.
93:YZUnable to pressurize the Ink Delivery System.
94:YZColour calibration error.
94.1:YZProfiling algorithm failed.
98:YZAutomatic backup print mode enabled.