Fehlercodes Designjet Z2100, Z3100, Z3200

 Beschreibung / Empfehlung
— Description / Recommendation
01.0:YZCommunication with Main PCA failed.
01.1:YZError in the Print Mech PCA.
01.2:YZFailure reading acumen chip of an Ink Supply Station.
01.3:YZDevice I2C acumen Right Ink Supply Station failure.
02.1:YZProblem with the Carriage PCA.
03:YZProblem with Power Supply Unit.
03.0:10YZBattery of Real time clock ran down.
06:YZFailure reading/writing NVM in Hard disk.
08:YZ (or front panel is blank)No communication between the Front Panel and the Main PCA.
11:YZTrailing cable does not seem to be detected.
21:YZFail moving Service Station.
21.1:YZFail moving the Primer Motor of the Service Station.
2x.n:10Ink supply error found during IDS diagnostic test. The n represents the ink supply that is failing.
The ink supply furthest to the left is always 0, and then they count up from left to right.
22.0:YZLeft Ink Supply Station error.
22.1:YZLeft Ink Supply Station error.
22.2:YZRight Ink Supply Station error.
22.3:YZRight Ink Supply Station error.
24:YZInk Setup failure (you must bring purgers).
31:01An error has been detected with the cutter.
31:02An error has been detected with the cutter.
31:03Paper is loaded. While testing the cutter, paper should not be loaded.
41:03Media-Axis Motor failure (likely due to friction or obstacles in the media path).
41:YZMedia-Axis Motor failure (likely due to friction or obstacles in the media path).
42:03Scan-Axis Motor failure (likely due to obstacles in the scan axis or electrical fault).
42:YZScan-Axis Motor failure (likely due to friction or obstacles in the media path).
44:YZFan electrical fault, or not connected.
47:03Star wheels motor error.
47:YZStar wheels motor error.
48:YZPPS system failure.
48:00Druckkopfausrichtungsfehler: Der optische Fokus erkennt das Messmuster nicht.
Gründe: Möglicherweise stimmt der Druckkopfabstand zum Material nicht.
Lösungen: Der hintere Gleiter am Druckkopfschlitten fehlt möglicherweise.
51:YZWindow Sensor failure.
52:10The printer has detected fibers in the Drop Detector.
55:YZProblem with the Line Sensor (Tetris). The printer has detected a failure to access Line Sensor EEPROM.
56:YZDrive roller analog encoder sensor fail or calibration failed.
58:YZThe colour sensor ESP (spectrophotometer) of the printer is not working well. It could be a problem
with the spectrophotometer, a communication problem between the spectrophotometer
and Carriage PCA or the colour sensor shutter does not open properly.
61:YZThe file format is incorrect and the Printer cannot process the job.
62:YZPC interface issue. Power on and off. Get the latest version of the firmware.
63:YZInput/Output problem through the Network interface of the formatter.
64:YZInput/Output problem through the USB port.
65:YZMemory Driver Internal I/O error, I/O Socket Manager Internal I/O error.
66:YZCannot print file on current paper type. The paper type has changed since the file was sent,
so the file cannot be printed on the paper type currently loaded.
67:YZInput/Output problem through a firewire port.
68:YZLoss of engine counters tracking.
71:YZOut of memory failure.
71:19Default Serial Number found in the main and backup NVM. It seems that both the
Print Mech PCA and Hard Disk Drive have been replaced together.
72:YZGeneric firmware error. Check that the printer has the latest firmware version - if not, update.
72:YZA service calibration must be performed. Check the internal error code to see which calibration must be performed.
To check the internal error code, press UP and CANCEL together while the error code is displayed.
73:YZServo error.
74:YZError uploading firmware update file.
74.1:YZError uploading media profile update file.
75.1:YZPreventative maintenance kit #1 counter active (Scan Axis Components, Ink supply tubes, trailing cable, carriage).
75.2:YZPreventative maintenance kit #2 counter active.
75.21:YZThe spittoons (left spittoon, service station) have reached 80% capacity
75.22:YZThe spittoons (left spittoon, service station) are full.
76:YZHard disk drive is full.
77:YZWeb access application. the web server is not functioning correctly.
78:YZBorderless printing not possible. Setting ignored.
78:08The job received can not be printed without borders on this paper.
78:1:YZMedia settings area missing in media settings file.
79:YZGeneric Firmware error.
79.1:YZRecoverable firmware error that does not stop the printing process.
81:YZProblem with paper advance.
81:YZThis error can occur because the printer has been dropped during transportation, causing structural damage.
Before continuing with the 81:YZ troubleshooting, first look for structural damage.
81.1:YZProblem finding the Drive Roller zero.
84:YZBack tension servo shutdown (roll feedng).
85:YZProblem finding the Drive Roller zero.
86:YZPossible paper jam.
86:01Problem moving the carriage, most likely due to a paper jam.
87:YZProblem finding the Scan-axi encoder reading.
93:YZUnable to pressurize the Ink Delivery System or the ISS Motor does not move as expected.
94:YZColour calibration error
94.1:YZProfiling algorithm failed.
98:YZAutomatic backup print mode enabled.