Fehlercodes 1050 1055

 — Description / Recommendation
AusrichtungsfehlerFehler bei der Druckkopfausrichtung.
Lösung: Wenn das Druckbild ok ist, dann eventuell das Papier auf "Fotopapier, glanz" umstellen.
0000D8External Library Error.
5D0273External Library Error.
— Kann JetDirect-Card oder Firmware Simms oder Motherboard sein.
01002DThe Main PCA Cannot Communicate With The Carriage.
010020FirmWare DIMM Test Failure.
010021Memory Module Test Failure.
010023EEROM Test Failure.
010028EEROM Checksum Failure.
010029EEROM Write Failure.
010040Error In Paper-Axis Encoder Quadrature.
010041Error In Scan-Axis Encoder Quadrature.
010042Error In Service Station-Axis Encoder Quadrature.
010050PostScript Processing Error.
01009XError In Paper-Axis Motor Encoder.
02xxxxPostScript/Firmware Error.
04CxxxEIO Accessories (EIO Card/Hard Disk Drive) Error.
048xxxEIO Card Is From A Third Party Vendor May Not Be Fully Compliant With IIO Protocol Specification2.0 OR EIO Card Firmware Is Not Updated.
048500There Are Too Many EIO Cards Connected To Printer.
060300One Of The Printheads Has Internal Electrical Problem.
060301One Of The Printheads Has Internal Electrical Problem.
060305Thermal Shutdown Error (One Of The Printheads Has Gone Above Maximum Temperature).
060306Problem With Printhead Selection.
060307APA Regulation Failure.
060308APA Regulation Failure.
060309Problem With Setting The Voltage Of Printheads.
06030AError In Finding The Mark Encoder.
06030BThe Ambient Temperature Measured Is Out Of The Normal Range.
070100Firmware Error.
080001PostScript Error.
09xxxxEIO Accessories (EIO Card/Hard Disk Drive) Error.
09AxxxInternal Error.
09A001There Are Too Many Hard Disk Drives Connected To The Printer.
09BxxxInternal Error.
09CxxxInternal Error.
0A0000The Air Pressure Is Below The Minimum Requirement.
0A0010Problem In Pressurizing The Air System.
0A0020Error In Calibrating The APS Sensor.
0A0030Problem In Depressurizing Air System.
0A0040Ink Tubes Initialization Failure Due To Low Air Pressure.
0A0050The Printer Has Detected A Leak In The Tubes System Before The Life Of The System.
0A0060The Printer Has Detected A Leak In The Tubes System After The Life Of The System.
0A0070The Backup EEROM Contents Stored In The Tubes Systems Are Not Consistent With The Ones Required By The Firmware.
0B0000Bad Ambient Temperture Measured.
0B0001Bad Humidity Read.
0B0002Bad IDS Pressure Read.
0B0003ACDO Internal Channles Check Failure.
0B0004Unable To Detect Pump.
0B0005Unable To Detect Valve.
0B0006Trailing Cable Incorrectly Connected OR Fuse In Electronics Module Has Burned.
0B0007Unable To Detect Vacuum Fan.
0B0008Unable To Detect Cooling Fan.
0B0009Unable To Detect Aerosol Fan (Including On Right Cover).
0B000APrimer Shut Down Error.
0B000BPump Or Pressure Sensor Not Working.
0B000CSerial Device ADC Test Failure.
0B000D24 V Source Test Failure.
0B000EShort Circuit In Scan-Axis Motor.
0C0030Bad Drop Detector.
0C0032Drop Detector Not Calibrated For All Printheads.
0C1000Primer Not Calibrated.
0C1001Primer Shutdown Error.
0D00xxSystem Error Code Related To The Multi-roll Feeder.